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WAFDAL event 2023 (English)

17 februari 2023

In cooperation with and organized by the NCDH

Program Schedule

Friday 26th of May

16:00-22:00 hours: arrival of campers/caravans

19:00 hours: pizza

Saturday 27th of May

10:30-14:00 hours: WAFDAL meeting (Download agenda)

16:30-18:30 hours: Lecture by Marjoleine Roosendaal

18:30-22:30 hours: WAFDAL dinner

Sunday 28th of May

9:30-18:00 hours: Pinkstershow Gorinchem

19:00/19:30 hours: BBQ at the campsite

Monday 29th of May

9:30-17:00 hours: NCDH/WAFDAL show

Tuesday 30th of May

8:00-9:00 hours: departure of campers

All reservations can be made via the entry form on the NCDH website

With the exception of the Pinkstershow and the NCDH/WAFDAL show. For the shows, you can register via



Friday 26th of May

On Friday, we welcome the people who want to park close to the venue. We have a permit to park in a parking space close to the venue from Saturday and Monday. There is space for 20 campervans/caravans here, so be quick with your reservation via

This is a spot where there are no facilities. To sign up for this camping spot, we need your license plate number. Without your license plate number you cannot stand here! This is because the license plates are mentioned on the permit. These spots can be reserved until 17 April. After that, the registered license plates will be passed on to make up the permit. Due to the limited number of places, you can only book for the entire period. Of course, you may choose to come later or leave earlier. The costs for this spot is €30,-.

You can arrive between 16:00-22:00 hours. Upon arrival, a check will be made to see if your license plate number is on the permit. For those who arrive before 19:00, we can arrange for pizza to be delivered for €10,- per pizza

Campings and hotels

Camp or stay in a hotel nearby

Would you like a bit more comfort. Then there is plenty of choice. Below you will find a selection of campsites, camper spots and hotels nearby. There is something for everyone.

Campings nearby

  • Camping Everstein
  • Camping de Voormolen
  • Camping de Boomgaard
  • Camping de Krakeling

Camper spots nearby

  • Campererf Biezenhoeve
  • Camper spot Vianen Ponthoeve (buitenstad 58, 4132AC, Vianen)
  • Camper spot Marnemoende (Noord IJsseldijk 107b, 3402PG, IJsselstein)

Hotels nearby

  • Van der Valk Vianen (dogs only allowed in comfort king-size rooms)
  • Hotel Epping IJsselstein (dogs welcome as long as no nuisance is caused)
  • Ibis hotel Utrecht (dogs welcome €15 per night)

Saturday 27th of May

WAFDAL Meeting

We start Saturday with the meeting of the WAFDAL. This will start at 10:30 hours. From 11:45-13:00 hours there will be a lunch break. For €15,- per person, you can book a lunch at the restaurant where the meeting will take place. You can book this lunch via You are of course also free to have your own lunch outside the restaurant. At 13:00 hours, the meeting will resume. Around 14:00 hours, we hope to conclude the meeting. Invited guests will receive an invitation for this from the WAFDAL secretary. Dogs are welcome at this venue, provided they are well-behaved and on a lead or in a crate.

Our WAFDAL exhibition takes place every 2 years in a different country. We are happy to be guests with our friends in Holland this time. Also this year we managed to invite two excellent judges for our show.

This year there is a special feature: the WAFDAL show is also the NCDH club show, so you can win double CAC and titles from both clubs.

 Frank Pfannenschmid - President of the WAFDAL

Dogwalks in the area

Of course, we have carefully considered our location in relation to the needs of our dogs. The dogs are allowed to be present at everything provided they are well-behaved and on a leash or in a crate. But they also like exercise and going to the toilet. Fortunately, within walking distance is a lovely walking area, the Wielerbaan.

Want more variety or a bit further afield? Then these are also wonderful dog walking areas:

  • Soesterduinen - Lange Duinen
  • Hilversum - Hoorneboegse Heide
  • Austerlitz - Boswacherij Austerlitz
  • Vianen - Middelwaard

LECTURE: Where do breeding strategies go wrong? What can you do next? And how can Embark be part of that?

On invitation of the WAFDAL, Marjoleine Roosendaal will give a lecture. She is going to talk about: Where do breeding strategies go wrong? What can you do next? And how can Embark be part of that? Also she will speak of population management and how crucial global cooperation is in this for a breed.

Marjoleine Roosendaal has been working as a science journalist since 2002. She has specialised in dog breeding and genetics, with the genetics of colour and coats and their relationship to health being her particular interest. She is also closely involved in several outcross projects in cynology. This lecture will take place from 16:30-18:30 hours. For WAFDAL members (if your club is a member of the WAFDAL you fall under members) the lecture is €15,- and for non-members €20,-.


After the lecture is the traditional WAFDAL dinner, this will start around 18:30 hours. We look forward to having an enjoyable evening together with you. With delicious food, nice people and great conversations, inspired by the lecture we hope you all attended. The dinner will be in the form of an extensive buffet with something for everyone. The dinner costs €35,- per person. Would you like to join us? Then register quickly via And join us in a toast to our beautiful breed!

Sunday 28th of May

Pinkstershow - Gorinchem

On Sunday is the international Pentecost show in Gorinchem where the cacib and cac can be obtained. This is about a 30 minute drive from our venue. You can register for this via the Online Dogshows website.

BBQ at the Campsite

On Sunday evening, we will have a BBQ at the camping site.     Music, cozy BBQ together, chat and for those who want a little dancing. We will start around 19:00-19:30 hours. There will be different menus to order. So everyone can join in. A children’s menu costs €12,- and a the meat, fish or vegan menu cost €25,-.

Fun trips in and around Utrecht

Want to see more of the area? There is plenty to do here. We have selected some fun trips where your dog can join you.

The Dom Tower
The 112.32-metre Dom tower is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.

Everyone born in Utrecht must have climbed the Dom Tower at least once in their life loud and clear. Enjoy the beautiful city right away as the Dom stands in the middle of the city of Utrecht.

Amersfoort Zoo
Amersfoort Zoo is one of the few zoos in the Netherlands  where dogs are allowed to come along for fun! A super fun outing for dog and owner.

Castle de Haar
Castle de Haar is one of the most beautiful in the province. You can walk for hours in the castle’s beautiful gardens. Dogs are welcome here in the gardens.

Monday 29th of May


We are proud to organise the NCDH annual championship club match in cooperation with the WAFDAL show on Monday 29th of May. We are very pleased with our judges this year. We have invited the judges Ms. Carla Peck (NZ) and Ms. Janet Saunders (UK) to judge the dogs on this day. Carla Peck will judge the males and Janet Saunders will judge the bitches.

Together they will choose the best from each class, best dog, best bitch, BOB and BOS. We welcome you to the beautiful location of KVN Nieuwegein. The NCDH/WAFDAL show is extra fun because of the extra prizes and titles that can be won. As usual, there will be cosy stalls, a nicely filled goodie bag and a nice canteen with all kinds of goodies. You can register for the show via the Online Dogshows website.

Due to the crowds and because we also have to consider the other businesses in the area, you may have to walk a little further. Dropping off heavy stuff at the front of the venue is no problem. Cars do need to be parked in the designated car park afterwards.

Tuesday 30th of May

Final Check out en Thanks!

The last campers should leave the site before 9:00 today and leave everything tidy. Furthermore, we would like to thank the judges, the ring staff and all the volunteers very much in advance for all the efforts made or to be made.

On behalf of Frank Pfannenschmid (WAFDAL president) and Katja van den Eijnden (NCDH president)